Our paddock maintenance division utilizes some of the equipment used by the commercial division, whilst adding in several more specialist items in order to provide the best possible services at the most economical price.

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of paddock maintenance services to suit your needs - as equestrian enthusiasts ourselves, we are aware of the importance of good grazing for happy, healthy horses. We offer fertilizing, over seeding, harrowing, repairs to damaged and 'poached' areas as well as paddock weed control and soil sampling (useful to know what is actually NEEDED when applying fertilizer (as well as being key to equine health).

In other words - a complete paddock maintenance service - we have own our compact tractor and a wide range of implements to suit it.

 Below is a quick overview of some of the services we offer, for more information on anything specific or to enquire about a paddock maintenance service NOT listed, please contact us, we may well have the equipment needed!

Harrowing of paddocks - essential paddock maintenance





Harrowing of paddocks is essential after winter to 'refresh' the grass, remove moss and thatch build up and encourage fresh, healthy grass growth.

It also helps to level out any molehills, divots and 'poaching' that may have happened over winter.

We have our own sets of chain harrows, both mounted and trailed and compact tractor and can carry out this essential operation at a competitive price.








Rolling of Paddocks

In addition to chain harrowing, another essential job is rolling.

This helps newly harrowed ground to settle, firms up poached ground and helps the grass regrow by providing a stronger root zone.

We also recommend rolling after over-seeding to improve the soil to seed contact and help the new grass establish faster.


Fertilizing and weed control of paddocks

We offer a comprehensive range of soil testing (tests to determine what nutrients are lacking from your paddock soil), followed by tailored fertilizer applications to suit. 

These usually combine a long life (3-4 month or longer) granular fertilizer with a specific amount of trace elements or additional products added in to balance your soil and return it to its best productivity.

If you don't want your soil tested, we can do a more 'general spectrum' fertilizing but for the few extra pounds, we highly recommend the test! 

We also offer paddock weed control, both overall by boom sprayer and targeted by knapsack sprayer depending on the level, type and severity of your weed problem

We have a specific chemical mixture that is tailored to treat ragwort and general weeds with a very high level of effectiveness. We also have specific mixtures that we use for historically hard to treat weeds like docks, nettles and brambles.

Compact tractor mowing and topping of paddocks:

Perhaps your paddock has become overgrown with weeds, or you have moved into a property with neglected paddocks which are badly in need of some paddock maintenance to return them to productive grazing?

Maybe your paddock has become too long and require topping back down to size?

Not a problem - our compact tractor and our flail mower will quickly reduce them to a more manageable length.



Compact tractor paddock aeration services - essential paddock maintenance:

An essential part of paddock maintenance - over time all paddocks become compacted to varying degrees - this can result in poor or stunted grass growth, bare patches or poached patches or water logging - all very undesirable.

However we can help - using our Sisis 'deep slitting' machine we can quickly and efficiently create many hundreds of thousands of 5" deep slots all over your fields, helping surface water drain through and letting air back through to the grass roots. We recommend using this machine as part of a planned paddock maintenance programme at least once per annum for best results - it is a relatively quick, clean operation, doesn't damage the grass surface and improves grass growth and water drainage prior to and immediately after winter.










Sometimes the compaction is too deep for the 'slitter' to reach  - in that case, we can use our heavy duty mole drainer attachment to literally 'break through' the pan in the soil - this does create a little more surface disturbance, although the turf cutting disc preceding and the heavy iron roller following the implement do keep it to a minimum.

This machine will pull through the soil, literally dragging drainage channels through as well as breaking up any compaction that is present. (shown is the machine, the finish it leaves on the soil surface and an excavated section showing the 'mole drain' formed through the lower soil.)

paddock cutting and maintenance in south lincolnshire  paddock cutting and maintenance in south lincolnshire

 paddock cutting and maintenance in south lincolnshire








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