Domestic Lawn Care Services.

We provide a wide range of domestic lawn care services through our grass care division, which trades as 'South Lincs Grass Care'.

We can provide everything 'in house' from regular high quality lawn mowing, lawn fertilizer applications, lawn weed and moss control, to scarifying and aeration services to ensure you have the perfect lawn, all year round.

We can even rotovate an area, prepare the ground and create a new lawn if you don't have one already.

Domestic Lawn Care and Lawn Mowing in Lincolnshire by South Lincs Grass CareThis is a sample domestic lawn from our archives cut using our professional roller mower. 

How much does domestic lawn mowing cost?

Domestic lawn mowing with a pedestrian (walk behind) lawnmower starts from just £17.50 per cut.

(For guidance we will cut weekly or fortnightly 'in season' - which is approx first week of March to end of October - we often cut before and beyond these dates as required.)

This prices includes us providing the machinery, labour and fuel, carrying out the lawn mowing, trimming lawn edges as required and disposing of the grass cuttings.

For the very best fine striped finish, we always mow domestic lawns using a professional roller mower where lawn type, access and condition permit.

Can you improve my domestic lawn too - I have a lot of moss and weeds?

We have nearly ten years of experience and all necessary equipment, licences and insurances to enable us through our South Lincs Grass care division to both efficiently treat weeds and moss and carry out scarifying and aeration to domestic lawns in both Spalding and all surrounding villages and local areas of South Lincolnshire.

Lawn weed control, fertilizer applications and moss control have a starting price of just £25.

We are confident that we provide a cost effective, high quality service that is often cheaper and far more effective than doing these jobs yourself.

The selective herbicides (lawn weedkillers) that we use are licensed products and are unavailable to the general public, as well as being up to ten times more concentrated than those which you can buy as a homeowner from the likes of B and Q and retail outlets.


domestic lawn care in Lincolnshire

A typical course of lawn treatments will be a Spring scarification around March time when the grass starts vigorously growing (this deals with any underlying moss or thatch issue - with aeration included if appropiate).

This will be followed by a some slow release fertilizer applications to boost growth and a spray applied weed control application to destroy unwanted lawn weeds and keep the lawn healthy throughout the summer months.

The year is rounded off with an Autumn/winter fertilizer application late in the season to keep grass strong and healthy through the winter months.

Not sure if we can help you?

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