Compact Tractor Services provided by ANP Services Spalding Ltd

Here at ANP Services Spalding Limited and South Lincs Grass Care, we have a wide variety of compact tractors and equipment suitable for many tasks.

We have tractors on turf tyres for mowing, harrowing, reseeding and light soil works and tractors on agricultural type tyres for haevier soil engaging works such as ploughing, subsoiling or rotovating.

All our drivers are experienced and combined have over 40 years experience in operating these machines.

Implements we currently have:


Rotary, and flail types - also we have a collecting flail scarifier for scarifying large lawns and pitch work - we also use this for flailing and collecting wildflower meadows and other specialist applications.

Grassland implements:

Chain harrows, both framed and trailed, peg harrows, aerating 'deep slitter machine, mole plough and mounted roller.

Soil cultivation implements:

Ploughs, dutch harrow (for seed bed prep work), sub soiler, rotovator.

Reseeding implements:

Specialist 'Stock Micrometer' precision grass and seed drill for over or re-seeding paddocks, lawns and pitches.


Lewis Landlord backhoe excavator for trenching and general digging works.

Transport box.


Please note, we do not hire out our tractors or implements without an operator - we will provide a quotation for providing tractor, fuel, implements and experienced, fully insured operator for any tasks that you may require.

We welcome all enquiries for this service by email with a brief description of the task requirement and your contact details.

We look forward to helping you with your project soon.


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